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FirstCloud Firewall is an enterprise-grade, virtual next-generation firewall solution delivering high security efficacy, performance, visibility and flexibility. The solution is available with a choice of multiple firewall vendors* and can be deployed in various virtual environments. It inspects all traffic – inclusive of applications, threats and content – and ties it to the user, regardless of location or device type. That means you can reduce response times to potential incidents, uncover hidden threats and streamline security network deployment. It combines application awareness and deep packet inspection to give you greater control over applications while also detecting and blocking malicious threats. The solution is also highly scalable, ensuring maximum performance and support as your business grows. So whether you need it to meet high-end enterprise-specific needs, make rapid deployments for SMBs or customise ‘enterprise-specific’ security controls for mid-to-large-size enterprise, the solution is customisable to you.


A carrier-grade, affordable NGFW solution for businesses of any size

Advanced malware inspection and threat management regardless of devices and locations

A carrier-grade, affordable NGFW solution for businesses of any size

Why choose FirstCloud Firewall for your business?

Exceptionally agile and flexible with best-in-market virtual firewall appliances from the world’s leading providers

Rapid service deployment through a standardised configuration with a broad choice of standard service packages

High uptime with high availability (HA) active/standby virtual firewall architecture (Optional)

Advanced, granular and coordinated threat security through a dedicated cloud-based malware analysis environment

Reduced operational complexity and cost with easy deployment to various customer cloud environments and locations

Enterprise level Service Levels to assure prompt response and resolution service

Centralized online management for greater control along with management of security policies and reporting

Multi-use-case support including north-south internet gateway and cloud workload protection

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