Disclaimers | Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions 

A meeting- or conference reservation is when premises are provided, with or without food, for meeting-, conference or similar order. The client is the person – legal or physical – who is liable to pay for the arrangement. The venue is the ClayWorks Centre who delivers meeting facilities and consumed food/beverages. 
All published rates are in INR excluding GST. 

2. Reservation & right to withdraw 

The booking is a binding agreement when the client has received the confirmation email to the email address set in the booking form. 
Changes to a booking must be informed directly to ClayWorks. 

3. Payment 

Full payment is to be made in online in advance while booking. The client is responsible for all costs related to the booking. Application for credit & invoice must be sent in writing to ClayWorks. Minimum booking duration is 1 hour. 
The client is responsible for all unsettled participant bills which may include food, extra hours or any additional service availed on departure. 

4. Use of the premises & accessibility 

ClayWorks meeting rooms and premises are available to the client as stated in the booking confirmation. If the event goes beyond the agreed time, the client will be charged extra according to market price. 
The client is obligated to use the premises in a manner that does not disturb other clients. The client is obligated to follow the ClayWorks instructions with respect to the use of the premises. The premises may not be used for activities in violation of applicable laws and regulations, or in any way that otherwise damages our property or our reputation. The premises may only be used for the purpose communicated to us in connection with the booking. Should it, after the booking has been confirmed, become known that the client has provided incorrect or misleading information regarding the event and the event is in conflict with our values, ClayWorks is entitled to cancel or abort the event, while the client will remain liable to pay the costs ClayWorks has incurred due to the booking. 

5. Liability for valuables 

ClayWorks will not accept responsibility or liability for theft/loss/damage to any clients’ belongings and valuables. 

6. Clients responsibility 

The client is responsible for any damage inflicted on to ClayWorks property/premises by the participants. The client’s obligations, including the obligation to pay in the event of cancellations, apply regardless of any underlying disputes with the client’s customer or if the client’s customer fails to fulfil any obligations to the client. 

7. Food and beverage 

It is not allowed to consume food within the meeting/conference room/desks/cabins. Coffee/Tea will be served in the meeting room as per schedule. Snacks can be ordered from the ClayWorks kitchen at an additional cost. 

8. Pricing 

All rates are in INR exclusive of GST. The rates, published on the website, are non-commissionable, that encompasses bookings made by agents, intermediaries or any other third party. 
ClayWorks reserves the right to adjust rates in the event of changes in taxes/fees, or in the event of force majeure beyond ClayWorks’ control. ClayWorks must inform the client of any increase in prices as soon as possible. 

9. Force majeure 

In the event of a strike, lockout, fire, explosion, war or similar war conditions, pandemic/epidemic, significant restrictions on supplies or other circumstances beyond the ClayWorks’ control, ClayWorks may terminate the agreement without obligation to pay compensation. 

10. Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation Fees  
Up until 2 hours prior to booking time 
50% 2-0 hours prior to booking time 
100% Past booking time