Preparations for the future workspaces are “Spotch-on”

09 Jun Preparations for the future workspaces are “Spotch-on”

After a great deal of research and surveys, it has been concluded that there are no major motivations for going back to the pre-pandemic workplace environment. It is now deemed to be risky with no extra scope of productivity in comparison to remote work. 61% of white-collar employees say they’ll prefer remote working even after the pandemic while 30% say they will quit jobs if they had to return to offices after the pandemic. This calls for innovative ways of working as the pandemic unfolds posing more and more challenges to the ‘offline working’ environment.

Challenges of Offices in the “New World” 

In this ‘new normal,’ every workplace is required to be sanitized and cleaned concerning the covid-19 guidelines and regulations. These regulations are strictly enforced to stop the spread of the virus. However, the employees will still fear catching the viruses by touching the contaminated objects and then touching their eyes, face et cetera.  

In offline workplaces, it should be maintained that tables, chairs, and all other surfaces are regularly sanitized, and the droplets are wiped off so that the spread of the virus is curbed. Contamination on external surfaces in direct contact with the employees is one of the primary ways the deadly virus can spread in the whole community.  

Furthermore, the density of the offices are to be reduced posing an economic burden on companies. And all this will still not be enough to ensure safety of the employees. Employees will be at risk while commuting to and from the office especially in public transport.  

The lack of vaccination is another concern which will make offline work risky and employees hesitant to interact in physical space. If the knowledge of who is or isn’t vaccinated will not be available to all, the fear will remain. Even if the data about vaccination is collected and distributed by the company, the same knowledge of who is vaccinated and who is not will change the office dynamics, employee interaction, and productivity.  

While covid-19 targeted regulations and guidelines will continue to come, employees will still live in fear of a new epidemic due to some mutant or a new infection altogether. Examples can be the recent black fungus, white fungus, and the new mutants of covid-19.  

How Spotch offers Solutions to Workspace Challenges 

Spotch is the solution to such workplace challenges faced by the world due to covid-19. Its primary goal is to elevate the remote work experience, providing a sigh of relief in these challenging times. It has been designed so that it can be set up anywhere, be it a bedroom or living space. It is, therefore, cost-effective as it lessens the monetary burden of establishing a completely new workplace with all the covid-19 regulations or re-forming the existing workplace. Spotch has elements that boost productivity and enhance the quality of work done by an individual.  

Spotch is a movable model which innovatively and perfectly fits in the ‘new normal’ workplace categories and seems to be a perfect buy for people in different cities working remotely due to the pandemic.  

Through a customizable personal space for work, Spotch minimizes the droplet mitigation – which is the main reason for the spread of Covid-19 or any other contagious disease.  

The issue of commuting to the workplace and sharing spaces with other employees is solved to eliminate droplet mitigation. Therefore,  Spotch promises employees the safety and hygiene they look for and will play an important role in overcoming the post-pandemic challenges.  

The acoustic panels made from soundproof material provides a distraction-free zone for the employees to work in. This not only increases productivity but also ensures that a line is drawn between work and life, giving employees one more reason to work efficiently without hindrances.  

Spotch comes with an electrically adjustable desk height feature, making it a sitting or a standing desk. With noise-reducing acoustic panels, lights, a note-maker, a shelf, and a drawer, Spotch has everything from footrest to inbuilt sockets making sure employees are comfortable and have full access to all tools and utilities to lead a smooth working experience. 

Hyperlocal Offices Using Spotch  

The tier 2 and tier 3 cities have developed so far to become a business destination as these are well-connected with significant business and economic-friendly hubs. Some of these cities have developed the proper infrastructure to become capable enough to uphold large and diversified economic activities. Spotch has the potential to be marketed to nearby tier 2 and tier 3 cities as it would also help the parent organization/company to move and expand its operations in an emerging city.  

Pandemic has left none. Everyone is forced to face the dire consequences of it. Hence, every developed or developing city requires a working environment at home that caters to the need of a tirelessly working employee, to which Spotch is the solution as it helps to overcome significant challenges.

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