Minding Your Mind During COVID 19

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17 Sep Minding Your Mind During COVID 19

These are difficult times for all of us across the globe. COVID 19 social isolation measures have had a profound impact on the psychological and mental well-being of individuals across society.

The uncertainty, and worries related to finances, childcare, elderly parents, and job security disrupt our routines, our lifestyles and mental health. The uncertainty about the future, the ceaseless news coverage and constant social media driven flood of messages can increase our sense of anxiety and fear. Stress is a normal response to these types of situations. Stress disturbs our sleeping and eating patterns, leads to irritability or emotional outbursts, low motivation, and changes in use of alcohol or other drugs. It makes us anxious, panicky and can even possibly make us think, say or do things that we might not consider appropriate under normal circumstances.

Mental wellness is of substantial importance in the workplace. It is the foundation for productive and creative employees. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get back into a routine.

What each of us can do?

  • Follow all preventive guidelines to avoid infection
  • Have a set routine and schedule
  • Stay digitally connected with colleagues, family and friends
  • Stay physically active with short exercise routines
  • Establish work-life boundaries
  • Allocate time for a hobby, new skill, me-time
  • Be in the know, but limit media content consumption
  • Don’t hesitate to seek help, if you need it

What organisations/employers can do?

  • Open communication to make employees feel well-connected and supported
  • Increased motivation and employee engagement
  • Acknowledge change in work patterns and foster resilience in employees
  • Provide assurance on financial and health security, future proof your workspace, work culture and work force
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