Are you safe from the Digital Virus while working from home?


17 Sep Are you safe from the Digital Virus while working from home?

When businesses were asked to work remotely, most companies were left unprepared for this sudden shift. As a result, most of us are working on our personal devices (computers, smartphones and other devices) that aren’t secure beyond a simple antivirus program or firewall. Devices used at offices are made secure by a company’s IT department if it has one. Without keeping up with software patches and using the company’s VPN for further security, data can be intercepted over the internet.

The safety net of ‘work from home’ policy has rather transpired to be a landmark moment for cybercriminals to develop new ways of infringement! Phishing emails claiming to hail from WHO to offer free healthcare kits or a ‘Deadly Corona Virus Map’ are real-time examples of how cyber attackers are making various organisations their new target.

The world is seeing cyber attacks, breaches and fraud on a scale never before seen. Employees at home, call or email for credit card information, print out invoices on untracked home computers, and send them out on personal Wi-Fi networks. If you’re working on a family computer, the habits of other people in the house also affect your work’s sensitive data. If they access a shady website or download a malware-laden file, your important data can be put immediately in jeopardy. Simply put, organisations that don’t have employees’ home network infrastructure in control are certainly at risk!

Below are some facts and news related to the same:

  1. Cyber attacks in India surge since lockdown
  2. CERT-In says spurt in cyberattacks on personal comps since WFH protocol began
  3. Cyber crime soars as hackers cash in on India’s Covid-19 crisis
  4. COVID, a wake-up call for cyber security
  5. Covid-19 based cyberattack may target millions of Indians

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