Work-from-home a status quo? Or is there more?

10 Jul Work-from-home a status quo? Or is there more?

A pathogen with the world at its mercy, sparing none. Deconstructing all that was familiar, breaking apart the commonplace, nullifying everything that was ever considered normal. This, a surmise of those that stand witness to year 2020.

And here we sit by our little nooks, put together in makeshift hurriedness for the 10 am group call, that once meant huddling together with steaming coffee cups, or a stroll in clusters to the adda down below. It is a new world order, with each one rewiring themselves to new ways of communication and reinventing shop talk. Home is the new boardroom, the corridor, the pantry, the noisy work floor and even that fancy corner office. The one who escapes to the quietest corner of a now overfilled home is the winner of the day.

We twist we turn, we pull away those in-ear/ on-ear/ over-the-ear headphones, suspend them in mid-air, to let the jam-cramped ears breathe a bit. Dandasana, vajrasana, ardha padmasana, baddha konasana and even the odd gomukhasana – every contortion has by now been tried and tested in that 2.5×3 feet of leg space. For some odd reason we seamlessly seemed to have slipped into 12 hours-a-day work schedules. Why? When? How did this come to be? We wonder as one day lumbers into the next. Every line demarcating work, life, play and leisure has been wiped clean. Look away for a moment and you could find yourself deflecting that tennis ball heading mid-centre of your laptop screen. Yet, you do redirect that ball, grit your teeth and carry on with that video-off, audio-on, shared-screen Zoom call.

Will we break free to be cooped up in our workplaces once again?

Do we foresee a return to normalcy soon enough?

Or is all this in preparation of a better way to work, a smarter way to communicate, a swifter way to realign with peers, and maybe, even get familiar with proximity all over again.

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