Top 5 Trends That Will Determine Future Workspaces

03 Mar Top 5 Trends That Will Determine Future Workspaces

Are you looking for amazingly productive workspace? Not every office space is good enough to unleash your full potential at work spaces. Here are the top 5 trends that will determine future workspaces.


Workspaces that are technologically enabled are the future. The impact of technologies such as blockchain, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and 3D printing will have a transformative impact on how work gets done. Agile working is the norm of the day and for companies to realize its full potential, staff require access to a variety of work settings and the right tools and technology. 

With high tech office space and accessible to all the technologies needed in the office space from printer to high speed internet, coworking space is a high-tech lifestyle in an apparently relaxed environment. 


With the ever increasing number of small businesses and entrepreneurship in the market, today an entrepreneur, a graphic designer, social worker, sale guy, developer all walk into the same office. With more than 3 millions co-workers globally by 2019 and more than 30,000 flexible co-working spaces, developers and programmers now work in the same office as a marketer which makes a modern office more diversified. As employees looking for a more diverse network, 84% of them said coworking has expanded their professional network and 64% said coworking networking is an important source of work and business referrals. 


Today, the working millennial want to have a work-life balance, they want more time for social building and engagement in community building. Thus, having flexibility at the workplace is important to them. Co-working space offers freedom for the co-workers to grab a cup of coffee anytime to start a conversation with other co-workers who may be from a different industry. With co-working spaces in the nearby locality, employees don’t have to struggle for the long commute, thus saving their time and increasing productivity. Many big companies are now encouraging their employees to go for co-working spaces and with more than 60% of the Indian workforce are millennials prefer flexible coworking space.


The main idea of co-working space is the community coworkers build. From expanding social networks to collaborating with your business, co-working spaces have it all. Apart from the social aspect, many people join coworking spaces to forge new business connections and be more productive, by immersing themselves with the talent from a broad range of related industries. Freelancers, small businesses, solopreneurs mostly dominate the coworking spaces, collaborating with others makes it easier.


Not only with affordability but coworking space comes with sustainability and accessibility. Most of the coworking spaces around the globe provide more than 50% of their office spaces greenery. Employees don’t have to worry about cleaning, maintenance, or other boring responsibilities. Because employees can choose the location, cost and the type of office spaces, they can maintain the sustainable work culture. 

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